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Hello one and all...

Allow me to introduce myself. I'm Ishtar, the hostess of this particular Playground. Oh yes, don't bother looking for see-saws, slides or a merry-go-round. Those were taken out years ago.

This type of playground caters to the whims of older and larger children - the type that come in adult size. If this offends you, please feel free to jack out now, but if I aroused your...curiosity, then please follow me...I can assure you we cater to suit everyone's particular brand of pleasure."

Cute, hey? Playgrounds are fast becoming the #1 form of Virtual Entertainment. It's so much fun people are just dying to get it. Ask the five persons who were murdered to verify that.

Why were they killed? Well, we can't really tell you since we don't know for sure ourselves. I tell you what: you and your friends try to solve the mystery and reach the finishing line, and our Wild Hunt will do the same. By the way, gunplay is fair game. Nothing like a little hot lead and a few grenades to up the stakes of the race.

What can I say... All's fair in Love and Cyberpunk.

Playground is an Alternate Reality adventure for Cyberpunk 2020. It contains full background material on the hip new Freefall Club, the hottest place in town; the Wild Hunt, a strange solo firm; and a new corporation called Matsumo Rising. Also included are full details on the Nirvana Virtual Pleasure technology introduced by Matsumo.


Manufacturer: Ianus Games
Manufacturer SKU: 115
Dragons Trove ID: 9434
Type: Module
ISBN/UPC: 292157313X
Condition: Near Mint
Condition Note: Price tag on back cover.

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