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Live Young,

  • A rockerboy, a console cowboy extraordinaire, a dancer and others.

Die Fast,

  • Burnt to ashes in public. No warning. Spontaneous human combustion. A flash-fire burst, and they're gone.

And Leave a Pretty Corpse.

  • They didn't have that option. Nothing is left.

A gang, the Ogouns, claims responsibility. Find them, stop the fire deaths. Piece of cake.

  • Or is it?

CRASHPOINT: Hit it, and you'll crash n' burn.

Crashpoint is an Alternate Reality Universe adventure for use with Cyberpunk It focuses on unusual deaths, spontaneous combustion, neo-voodoo and organlegging.

Recommended for mature readers

Manufacturer: Ianus Games
Manufacturer SKU: 112
Dragons Trove ID: 9437
Type: Module
ISBN/UPC: 2921573253
Condition: Near Mint
Condition Note: Price tag on back cover.

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