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Cthulhu Invictus Companion


As Rome’s influence spread throughout the known world, so too spread the worship of its gods. Roman leaders knew that converting the people of conquered regions to the state religion would make them easier to control. But some gods have been worshipped longer than Rome has existed, and their supplicants won’t easily change allegiances.

Cultorum Externum includes three scenarios for Call of Cthulhu pitting investigators against cults from different regions of the Ancient Roman Empire. Investigators will confront terrible servants of ancient powers through the Streets of Rome and Carthage, the forests of Gaul, and while sailing the river Nile. Includes new cults and Cthulhu Invictus entities.

Manufacturer: Chaosium
Manufacturer SKU: 23119
Dragons Trove ID: 5662
Type: Supplement
ISBN/UPC: 9781568823379
Condition: New
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