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Traveller 5 Slipcase Edition


Traveller5 Traveller

The Traveller Science-Fiction Role-Playing Game System, Fifth Edition

The culmination of four years of work, play-testing, revision, and even redesign, in order to make the Traveller5 game system the best portrayal of the Traveller universe of the far future we could possibly make.

Much of the work has focused on correction of errata and typographical errors. More work concentrated restating concepts that were poorly, or faultily, expressed. We also upgraded some of our artwork.

Most obvious of our changes is the reformatting to three Big Black Books. When Traveller was originally published in 1977, its format was three 48-page 5.5 x 8.5 inch digest format books, mimicking the format of the only real role-playing game out there at the time: wood-grain box Dungeons & Dragons.

Those three Little Black Books each had a concentration:

Book 1 was Characters and Combat;

Book 2 was Starships;

Book 3 was Worlds and Adventures.

That division of subject matter has been tested over time, and we returned it with Traveller5 in order to make each the three Big Black Books intuitive in their coverage.

Each Book is indexed for access to the subject matter, but in addition, we have provided a comprehensive Table of Contents at the front: by comprehensive, we means that it covers all three books for easy reference. Adjacent to the Table of Contents is a Table of Charts for the specific volume: listing the full page charts and tables for easier access.

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