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The Extraordinary Adventures of Baron Munchausen 3rd Edition

It is the eighteenth century. A group of nobles are gathered in a location where there is a good stock of wine, and pass the long evening by entertaining each other with tales of their travels and surprising adventures.In Munchausen, each player tells a tall tale at the prompting of another one of the players (suggested length, about 5 minutes). In telling a story, each player should try to outdo the previous story-teller, with a story that is bigger, wilder, and brings more glory upon themselves. The story-teller must field attempts by other players to suggest that his actions did not, perhaps, leave him quite as covered in glory as he suggests: these interruptions are made by the by the listener pushing forward a coin, with the story-teller either accepting the coin and the changed circumstances, or pushing forward one of his own coins to quash it. Each player starts with a number of coins equal to the total number of players. After everyone has told a story, each player gives all his coins to the player he thought told the best story; and the story-teller who ends up with the most coins buys everyone a round of drinks. Munchausen! Crazy historical yarns, distributed GMing, and alcohol!
Manufacturer: Mongoose Publishing
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Type: Core Book
ISBN/UPC: 9781906103910
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