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You hold in your hands the last defense against evil.

The order of the Covenant comprises holy, elite warriors, devoted to serving the holy cause of the Church. Led by the Pope, the followers of Jehovah and the Roman Catholic Church lead an assault against the demonic brood that are ready to rip the world asunder. The counter-balance to the enigmatic Bargainers, this special arm of the Vatican is dedicated the Papacy and its drive to eradicate the ultimate evils of the modern world.

The vampires of Atlanta, the werebeasts of Crescent City, possessed innocents, the deaders of every major metropolis, and the demonic armies from the other side are you arch-foes in the most important war for out very souls. Only the strong shall survive in the final wars against the evil powers threatening our very existence.

The Covenant sourcebook for Brave New World provides insight into the Church and the inner workings of its special branch of superpowered warriors. Inside these pages are six new power packages, the history of the Church, details on playing Covenant members, the truth behind their mission, and full-length adventure designed specifically for Covenant heroes.

It's time to test your faith.

Manufacturer: Alderac Entertainment Group
Manufacturer SKU: 7008
Dragons Trove ID: 4604
Type: Supplement
ISBN/UPC: 9781887953283
Condition: Near Mint
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