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Building Better Worlds (Alien RPG)


All the wonder and danger of the stars is yours—if you can just wipe the grime off your face and dig the dirt out from under your fingernails first.

Airless moons circle swirling gas giants, eager to be transformed into tomorrow’s paradise. Dark ancient mysteries wait to be unearthed beneath a millennium of debris. Searing solar flares boil your flesh and blacken your bones as you harness their power to light a hundred worlds. Long lost mysteries lie entombed in the frozen hearts of icy comets. Unstable tectonic plates shift to drown iridium mines in scalding lava.

Even the truth of humanity’s origins awaits you out there, orbiting some dying star. And out there amongst it all is something truly horrifying—something that nature never intended.

Something alien.

ALIEN RPG: Building Better Worlds is a complete campaign module for the awardwinning official ALIEN roleplaying game, giving you all the tools you need to run a full open-world campaign as pioneering explorers or colonists. This 292-page book includes:
  • History of Colonization – the story of how humanity claimed the stars.
  • Creating Explorers & Colonists – expanded character creation rules, including two new archetypes.
  • Gear & Ships – an extensive chapter with new equipment, weapons, and spacecraft.
  • Systems & Colonies – 36 new worlds to explore, including the Far Spinward Colonies.
  • Weyland-Yutani Extrasolar Species Catalog – a host of new horrible Xenomorphs to encounter.
  • The Lost Worlds – the framework and backstory for a massive sandbox campaign, set in the distant reaches of the Far Spinward Colonies.
  • The Expeditions – seven thrilling missions for your explorers, playable in any order.
  • Making Your Own Better Worlds – Tools for creating worlds to explore and colonizing them with new settlements.
Manufacturer: Free League
Manufacturer SKU: ALE017
Dragons Trove ID: 13991
Type: Supplement
ISBN/UPC: 9789189143241
Condition: New
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