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Galactic Underground


Greetings fellow space travelers.

Malachi Armageddon here, introducing you to the Galactic Underground! The Galactic Underground series contains a variet of articles, stories, races, background material, and other goodies to help you flesh out and understand your Battlelords character and their environment better.

My travels have bought me tons of new information about the universe at large. I've met the Goola-Goola, Kizanti, and even an I-Bot or two, and detailed them here for you. I've hearned more about the Eridani than I care to admit. I even dug up information on some of those crazy artifacts you hear about on the documentaties on Tri-V. Their owners were generally reticent to give them up, so many of my "investigations" ended up with me hiding from the cops in a sewer or skimmer trunk. The things I go through for you, my humble reader!

So read carefully and absorb all you can. Our universe is a tough placel and for Sheema's sake, keep your head down!

Galactic Underground Features:
  • 3 Player Character Races & Archetypes
    • Goola-Goola
    • Kizanti
    • I-Bot
  • Expanded background on the Eridani & Phentari
  • More Skills
  • Larger Forture Tabes to make your character even more unique
  • Many new matrices for Empaths, Energy Controllers, and Healers
  • Racial Character Traits for ALL Battlelord's Races
  • Artifacts & More!
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ISBN/UPC: 9780967940076
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Condition Note: Minor wear.

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