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Powers and Pantheons


This esential supplement follows on the heels of Faiths & Avatars. which detailed the rules by which deities function in the Realms, and describes more of the relgions and powers of the Realms. Each divine power is covered in depth, and each entry has information about a deity's appearance, personality, worshipers, portfolio, aliases, domain name, superior, allies, foes, symbol, worshipers' alignments, avatar, manifestations, church, and specialty priests. The information on these faiths includes their core dogma, day-to-day activities of priests, holy days and important ceremonies, major centers of worship, affiliated orders, and the priestly vestaments and adventuring garb of members of the clergy. Finally, each entry contains spells specific to each of the faiths.Powers & Pantheons includes:The demipowers of the Faerunian pantheon: Finder Wyvernspur, Savras the All-Seeing, Sharess, Valkur the Mighty, Uthgar, Ulutiu, and others.The powers of the Mulhorandi, Chultan, and the deceased Untheric pantheons.Expanded and clarified specialty priest classes for all relgions and priesthoods.Religion-specific spells for all faiths with priesthoods.Color illustrations of priests from every faith in ceremonial dress.Five showpiece temples of the Realms detailed with illustrations, color maps, and extensive descriptions of their locales, inhabitants, histories, and interiors.The three known Elder Elemental Evils of the Realms described in MONSTROUS COMPENDIUM appendix form.

Manufacturer: TSR
Manufacturer SKU: 9563
Dragons Trove ID: 4505
Type: Supplement
ISBN/UPC: 9780786906574
Condition: Very Good
Condition Note: Some scuffing to cover. General wear from use. Trade in sticker on front cover.

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