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Crescent Empire


For centuries, the Empire of the Crescent Moon has remained isolated from the rest of Théah – barred by cultural barriers and a fearsome embargo by the Vaticine Church. Only a select few have journeyed beyond her borders… but they have seen wonders which put the rest of the world to shame. From fierce desert tribesmen to the cultured city merchants, from the gardens of the Sultán to the forbidden slopes of Mt. Karada, from the clandestine Eyes of the Peacock to the ruthless Qathl’i assassins, the Crescent Empire holds enough marvels – and terrors – to fill a thousand lifetimes. Journey with die Kreuzritter to protect ancient Syrneth ruins. Match wits with the canny warriors of the Sultán’s guard. Seek hidden scrolls in the libraries of Iskandar and play ajedrez with the tribal chieftains of Maglak’kum. A thousand years of isolation are coming to an end. The Crescent Empire awaits.

Crescent Empire includes:
- A complete history of the Empire, including its clashes with western Théah and the recent rise of Cabora.
- New rules for Crescent sorcery, allowing its practitioners to command the sands themselves.
- Numerous Crescent swordsman schools, from the sensuous Yael to the terrifying Daphan.
- Details on the Qathl’i, fearsome, killers who have slain Sultán and slave alike.
- Thorough coverage of the rich Crescent culture, from their renowned schools of learning to their implacable fighting skills.
- New rules, skills, backgrounds, and expanded details for Crescent Heroes.
- Coverage of the Empire’s most important figures, Heroes, and Villains alike.
- Complete rules for the ancient game of ajedrez and more!

Manufacturer: Alderac Entertainment Group
Manufacturer SKU: 7153
Dragons Trove ID: 6159
Type: Supplement
ISBN/UPC: 9781887953474
Condition: Near Mint
Condition Note: Light wear to upper right corner of cover.

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