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From her vaulted universities to her spired churches, Castille is a land of contradictions. Scientific advancement proceeds despite the efforts of an Inquisition dedicated to stamping it out. Celebrations take place mere miles from blood-soaked battlefields. The citizens love their neighbors as family, while treating foreigners with clinical distrust. Here, two thousand years of invasion and occupation has left her people wounded, proud, and fiercely independent; a boy king totters on an unstable throne while enemies surround him without and within; and sinister conspiracies lurk behind wide smiles and passionate speeches. Welcome to Castille, the crucible of faith.The Castille sourcebook includes:* A complete history of the country, from their early days as an Old Republic colony to the current war with Montaigne.* Detailed descriptions of the land, its people and their culture including bullfighting, dancing, and Castillian duels.* New rules for Castillian Heroes: fighting schools, rules for bullwhips, new skills and advantages, and the enigmatic fire magic El Fuego Adentro.* Plus, a section on the Vaticine Church, with new information never before published!"
Manufacturer: Alderac Entertainment Group
Manufacturer SKU: 7203
Dragons Trove ID: 8420
Type: Supplement
ISBN/UPC: 729220720030
Condition: Near Mint
Condition Note: Slight corner wear.

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