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Looking to Buy Old RPG Collections

We open and are BUYING. If you need to thin your collection, now is the time to do it.

Cash for collections or individual pieces. Most 1970s-1990s RPG items will be of interest.

All D&D/AD&D 1st-3.5, all TSR related products (Star Frontiers, Boot Hill, Gamma World, Marvel, etc).

Battletech and most other FASA lines, Chaosium, GDW, some Games Workshop (mostly RPG related), Star Wars RPG and most other West End Games, Mayfair Games RPG items, Avalon Hill RPG items, Kult from Target Games, Judges Guild, Hackmaster, Dungeon magazines, select d20 related items, Worlds Largest Dungeon & City sets from Alderac,White Wolf products, ICE Middle Earth Role Playing and some Rolemaster products, Babylon 5 from Mongoose, Harn from Columbia Games, James Bond RPG from Victory Games, Runequest RPG, etc.

Send a list of items, and a few pictures of the assortment (don't need to photo each item, just put them in groups so I can get an idea of the collection condition).

Please share this post out to your gaming friends. You never know who might be looking for a way to take care of some bills.

Also willing to do trades.

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