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The Unspoken Word #2 - The Thieves Arm


Dragon Pass is a dangerous place... Maran axewomen want to sacrifice you to their goddess... Mystics stalk hidden temples with murder in their hearts... The cities are thick with thugs and killers...

Dragon Pass is under Imperial occupation, and the banner of rebellion has been raised. This is a time of heroes and saviours, liberators and generals. But it is also a time of unexpected nobility. Can you forge an army out of the outlaws, bandits, renegades, and neerdowells of the Pass? You have the courage of your convictions and the otherworldly help of the magical blade in the shadows. However, against you are ranged not only the massed armies and magics of the Lunar Empire, but also a dangerous imperial magistrate and his own private army, who seems to predict your every move.

This book contains a wide range of criminal groups, keywords, cults and characters for your games of Hero Wars and Heroquest, as well as original scenarios and the secrets of the thief god Lanbril. Holding them together is an optional story arc which takes them from battling across the bandit country of the Tarsh Exiles, through adventures, mishaps and heroquests, to a climactic mob war in the Lunar city of Furthest.

Manufacturer: The Unspoken Word
Manufacturer SKU: USW2
Dragons Trove ID: 753
Type: Magazine
ISBN/UPC: 1904241026
Condition: Near Mint
Condition Note: Slight wear.

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