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The Whispering Vault RPG


Beyond the Realm of Flesh is an Unseen Realm of Essense where the dreaming spirits dwell. Slopping across the rift between the realms the Unbidden indulge their bloody passions in the world of men. The most resolute of those who oppose these renegades are chosen to serve a higher purpose as Stalkers--immortal guardians of the Flesh.

Players explore the nightmare world of The Whispering Vault as Stalkers, supernatural entities with strange powers who pursue their otherworldly prey across time and space to the darkest corners of mankind's history.A complete roleplaying game, combines an original setting with simple mechanics which allow the new player to generate a character and experience a hunt in a single session.

Manufacturer: Pariah
Manufacturer SKU: 1101
Dragons Trove ID: 1960
Type: Core Book
Condition: Very Good/Near Mint
Condition Note: Minor cover wear.

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