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The Turakian Age


Welcome to Ambrethel, a High Fantasy world in need of great heroes. It is a time of peril, when the shadow of Kal-Turak the Ravager looms over the world from the North, threatening to engulf all the peoples of Ambrethel in evil and horror.

The Turakian Age depicts this world in all the detail and imagination desired by Fantasy Hero players and GMs, but with plenty of room for gamers to add their own distinctive touches.

It includes:

  • An eight thousand year-long history of Ambrethel
  • Numerous races suitable for PCs, ranging from Men (in many types), to the reptilian Drakin and Seshurma, to Orcs and Trolls, to Fantasy classics such as Dwarves and Elves
  • Descriptions of over five dozen kingdoms and lands across the worls, ranging from the mighty Hargeshite Empire of Vashkhor, to the mysterious realm of Thun, to the windswept Gothundan Steppes
  • An evocative religious system featuring not just lists of gods, but theology, doctrinal and cultural conflict, and other dramatically important elements
  • Nearly 100 new spells (including two new arcana of magic) and three dozen new enchanted items
  • A GM-only section including campaigning advice and tips, a GM's Vault with secret information about the world, hundreds of plot hooks, and NPCs and monsters

No matter what type of Fantasy adventure you're looking for, you can find it in The Turakian Age!

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