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The Landing (Teenagers From Outer Space)


Shopping With an Anime TwistNissa marched through the mall proudly and a trail of seven plush animals marched obediently behind her. Chase shook his head as he watched his sister march past. She was just about to make her usual demand for another plush animal for her collection when an explosion rocked the mall.Instinctively, all heads turned toward Build-A-Bomb; as expected, this was the source of the explosion. Wally flew from the store leaving a trail of smoke behind him; he passed through the opening to the lower level landing on the first floor just outside of Fix-A-Boo-Boo with a dull thud. The kittens sitting near the landing point seemed very disappointed with the display, as did the goldfish watching from the fountain who held up a series of signs rating the landing at a mere 3.1, clearly one of the lowest scores received in a long time.Harmony arrived on the scene at the same time as the penguin paramedic crew who hoisted Wally on to a stretcher and into Fix-A-Boo-Boo. Harmony made sure everything was under control there and moved up to talk to Ms. Hopkins at Build-A-Bomb. All in all this was just the start of another typical day at The Landing.

  • 141 ½ stores
  • Alien racial templates
  •  5 alien races

First in a series of universe expansions.

Manufacturer: A2 Press
Manufacturer SKU: 2001
Dragons Trove ID: 7776
Type: Module
ISBN/UPC: 9780970105103
Condition: Near Mint
Condition Note: Some cover scuffing.

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