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Undefeated Magazine #1


A new source for games will invade the hobby industry this summer. Undefeated , the latest publication from Paizo Publishing, will uncover what's new and hot in the gaming industry, and give players the winning edge with a wealth of tips and strategies in every issue."There has never been a hobby game magazine like Undefeated before," said Johnny Wilson, President and Publisher at Paizo, "with tactics and tricks presented with an electronic game magazine sensibility more visually appealing, and much more focused on winning. The publication is designed to help our readers find the best tactics for both the newest games, and their old favorites, too.""We noticed that there were not enough resources out there for many kinds of gamers," said Lisa Stevens, CEO of Paizo. "There has been a real need for a magazine that covers the large non-roleplaying segment of the industry."Wilson described the games covered in Undefeated as "games you can win." Miniatures, trading card games, board games, other card games all will get thorough coverage in the new magazine. The presentation, said Wilson, will be colorful and graphic, in a form that's both useful and fun to read."Undefeated will be of the same high quality as DRAGON and DUNGEON/POLYHEDRON ," added Wilson. The two leading roleplaying magazines are also published by Paizo. Undefeated is scheduled to go on sale at hobby and game stores this July. Paizo plans to have free promotional items inserted in every issue. The premiere issue will have a CD-ROM with demos of Lone Wolf Development's Army Builder and Card Vault software. Army Builder helps players organize their collection, build armies, and print out statistics for any point-based miniatures game; and Card Vault does the same for collectible card and miniatures games.In addition to dynamic, useful content and a free CD, what else can readers look forward to in the premiere issue of Undefeated? Plans include detailed coverage of Mage Knight and the new Lord of the Rings miniatures game, plus material from many other games, established and brand new. Undefeated will feature popular card games like Yu-Gi-Oh, Magic: The Gathering, and Game of Thrones, as well as board games like Fist of Dragonstones and Settlers of the Stone Age."Players will be able to discover new games while reading about the games they already love," said Stevens. Dragon Trove ID J347

Manufacturer: Paizo Publishing
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Dragons Trove ID: J347
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