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Interactive Fantasy Issue #3

"Narrative and Atmosphere in Boardgames" by Mike Siggins

"In Defence of Computer Story Games" by Ray Winninger
"Culture Club" by Paul Mason
"Dancing Fictions" by David A. Lambert
"When a Touch Becomes a Bruise" by Stephanie Itchkawich

"Leaping Into Cross-Gender Role-Play" by Sandy Antunes
"The Blind Gamesmaster" by Peter Tamlyn
"The Nihilist Roleplayer" by Simon Beaver
"Through a Mask, Darkly" by James Wallis
"Foreign Language Education and Role-Playing Games" by Brian David Phillips
"I Know What I Like!" by Brian Duguid

Wraith: The Oblivion (1st Edition) by Sam Dodsworth
Immortal: The Invisible War by Samanta Mullaney
Nexus: The Infinite City by Patrick Brady
Tales of Gargentihr by Phil Masters
First Quest by James Wallis
Into the Dragon's Cave by Richard Lambert
Raflan by Brian Williams
Macho Women with Guns (2nd Edition) by Leah Robin
STOCS lite by J. Paul Hunter
Lost Souls (Marquee Press edition) by Andrew Rilstone
Walker in the Wastes and Walker in the Wastes Player Aid Kit by Marcus L. Rowland
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