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Interactive Fantasy Issue #2


Editorial by Andrew Rilstone
An Interruption from the Publisher by James Wallis
GAMA: Gaming and Education Group by David Millians
Play-by-Mail by Wayne
Multi-User Dungeons by Alan Cox with Malcolm Campbell
I Have No Words And I Must Design by Greg Costikyan
Trend vs Dogma by Paul Mason
Freud and Campbell by Andrew Rilstone, Greg Stafford and James Wallis
On the Vocabulary of Role-Playing by Phil Masters
Crossing the Line by Andrew Rilstone
Gaming in My Classroom by David Millians
The Munchkin Examined by Nathan Gribble
Role-playing and Dyslexia by Andrew P. Malcolm
Chautauqua and the Art of Interactive Education by Nicole Lindroos Frein

Plus reviews of: Castle Falkenstein, Nephilim (US and Fr), HOL, Shattered Dreams, The Whispering Vault, Khaotic, Theatrix, Karms, The Unspeakable Oath, Grace Under Pressure, Devil's Children, Weather the Cuckoo Likes, Simulation & Gaming, and three poetry systems.

Manufacturer: Hogshead Publishing
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Type: Magazine
ISBN/UPC: 9771356652014
Condition: Near Mint
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