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H.G. Wells' Floor Games


The first published miniatures wargaming rules of the 20th century. A rulebook on miniatures and other props for playing children's games. A companion to the designer's later title Little Wars. Floor Games is a crude miniatures and RPG hybrid. Creating the gameplay area is large part of the gaming experience as designer Wells explains "...the setting-out ... is half the game." While specs and dimensions for setup are given, many of the details like combat resolutions are left for the children to make up on the fly.

Floor Games has rules for two games and suggestions for four minor games. The designer gives dimensions and parameters for setting up The Game Of The Wonderful Islands and Of The Building Of Cities. While "...glance ... shortly at some other ... uses of the floor..." means that Wells briefly suggest ideas for four minor games: Funiculars, Marble Towers, Castles And War Games, and But Very Little Of War Games.

The Game Of The Wonderful Islands -- play two competing explorers, Captain G. P. W and Captain F. R. W of settling tribal islands that are modeled after Greek civilization.

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