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Eldritch Century RPG slipcased edition

  • Premium slipcase containing two hardcover books
  • Expeditions guides you to create your character with the Draco system and play with the 5e system rules
  • A total of 600 pages and 272 highly-rendered illustrations at full-color

Eldritch Century: Chronicles of the Wounded Earth

Horror/SciFi Game that takes place in an alternate-history Earth after the Great War, when a strange fog consumed Europe and forced the nations to regroup in different factions.

- Features Draco System composed by 3 key elements: abilities, the dice rolls and saves. Based on the 5e system with adjustments in some skillsand the inclusion of powers from effort. 

- Special section for the Game Masters with hints to lead a successful expedition through the Miasma. 

- A bestiary with over 30 horror monsters including statblocks for 5e.

Expeditions: A detailed look at the system with which to play a session of the Eldritch Century tabletop role-playing game, along with a quick look at the factions that make up the Wounded Earth. The system defines character creation, combat and traversing the miasma.

AlmanacA concise and long definition of the factions that make up the Wounded Earth, where players will live out their tabletop RPG adventures. Additionally, a bestiary at the end of the book details the monsters that players can find within the miasma.

Manufacturer: Draco Gaming Inc.
Manufacturer SKU: 2100
Dragons Trove ID: 13414
Type: Core Book
ISBN/UPC: 9781736066409
Condition: New
Condition Note: None

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