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Magic is the lifeblood of most fantasy realms, and many of the worlds that share the RuneQuest core rules are no exception. Wizards and sorcerers are always pictured hurling balls of fire at vile dragons while priests are shown calling fallen comrades back from the precipice of the afterlife. RuneQuest spellcasting is something different and interesting, and although we laid the basic ideas in our first few rulebooks we knew there was room for growth. In the RuneQuest Spellbook we introduce over six hundred new spells for players and Games Masters alike to pore over and wield in their own campaigns, no matter the setting. With over two hundred new spells for each of Rune Magic and Divine Magic, and well over a hundred new Sorcery applications there are facets of magic that will baffle the mind and make readers grin while they imagine the possibilities. Introducing new magically-inclined Backgrounds and Professions along with some lesser ways to manipulate magic as it has been previously known, this book is the most complete compilation of RuneQuest magical ability as yet to have been dreamed up. There is something for everyone between its covers, if only to know what your enemies will soon be casting against you! Dragon Trove ID 9864

Manufacturer: Mongoose Publishing
Manufacturer SKU: 8138
Dragons Trove ID: 9864
Type: Supplement
ISBN/UPC: 9781905850556
Condition: New
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