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EN World Player's Journal #3

Arcane Technology: exotic magic items for your campaign
The Joy of Summoning: creative uses for summoning spells
Devon the Ray's Spellbooks: the many varied ray spells of the famous Devon
Piety: an introductory adventure for Morningstar
Houses of the Haughty: five noble houses for use in any campaign (complements Green Ronin's Noble's Handbook)
The Adventurer's Guide to Surviving Anything III: rowboats, canoes, and rafts; and the gears of a colossal clocktower
A Kiss of Ivory and Crimson: the world of the blood angels
Fantasy Reputation: complete rules for a d20 reputation system
Faerie Rings: magical gates formed by clusters of mushrooms beloved by faeries
Fey Stones and Faerie Philtres: magic items of the faeries
Creating a Martial Arts Campaign: how to tweak the rules to give your world a tangible sense of the martial arts
Unholy Days: festivals of evil gods
Dubious Detections: new options for alignment detection in d20 games
Character Goals: rounding out your character with unique goals
Origins Con Report and ENnies recap
Manufacturer: Goodman Games
Manufacturer SKU: 9003
Dragons Trove ID: 2197
Type: Magazine
ISBN/UPC: 9780972873840
Condition: Near Mint
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