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Vuldrok Space (Fading Suns)


Barbarians at the Jumpgate

Before the Fall of the Second Republic, many outlying worlds created a variety of cultural experiments. Some brought ancient traditions with them, altered by time and distance, while others intentionally created their own lifeways, utopian experiments standing against the monoculture of the core worlds. To the feudal society of the Known Worlds, these other star-faring cultures beyond their borders are “barbarians.” This book reveals their side of their story: how they claimed their worlds, forged their own unique cultures, and managed to thrive despite the widespread collapse of techno-industrial society.

Vuldrok Space presents the Vuldrok Star-Nations and their worlds. You can use this book to create Vuldrok characters; run an epic with a Vuldrok troupe; send a troupe of Questing Knights and Cohorts to explore Vuldrok space; or as a resource for creating NPC allies and rivals — the stories are limitless. Includes new callings, perks, equipment, and rules for magic (pagan theurgy) and runecasting — scavenging the power of the Anunnaki. 

Manufacturer: Ulisses Spiele North America
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Dragons Trove ID: 14089
Type: Supplement
ISBN/UPC: 9783963315923
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